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Past talks

Julian Disney
RightsTalk: The impact of the internet on media standards
Julian Disney
Thursday 11 July 2013

Julian Disney, Chair of the Australian Press Council, will discuss the impacts of the internet on traditional media standards concerning news and comment. This includes impacts on accuracy, fairness and balance and on respect for core personal rights such as privacy and safety. 

Prof Julian Disney AO has been the independent Chair of the Australian Press Council since 2009. He is also a Professor in the Law Faculty of the University of the New South Wales and the founder and national Chair of Anti-Poverty Week. He has previously been a Law Reform Commissioner, Coordinator of the Welfare Rights Centre in Sydney, President of the Australian Council of Social la Service and World President of the International Council on Social Welfare. He has also been Director of the ANU Centre for International and Public Law and Chair of the National Affordable Housing Summit.


Hands holding Game Controller
RightsTalk: Human rights and video games
Katie Williams, Brendan Keogh, Dr Christopher Moore, Dr Melissa de Zwart
Thursday 13 June 2013

The relationship between human rights and video games will be explored in this lively panel discussion. This talk will canvass hot topics such as racial stereotyping and the depiction of women in video games, the associations made between games and violence, and bullying in online gaming. The panel will also look at the positive use of video games to promote human rights, and the role of young people and women in the gaming industry and community.

Speaker biographies:

Katie Williams - freelance games journalist and critic who has written for PC Gamer, PC PowerPlay, GameSpy, IGN, Hyper magazine, TouchArcade, Kotaku Australia,, Atomic, and WarCry. Katie is the newly appointed director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival taking place in Melbourne this September.

Brendan Keogh - videogame critic and PhD candidate at RMIT University, Melbourne. Brendan has written for Edge, Hyper, The New Statesman, The Conversation, and Polygon.

Dr Christopher Moore - gamer and lecturer in Media and Communication at Deakin University, Melbourne. His research interests include the appropriative practices of gamer subcultures.

Dr Melissa de Zwart – Associate Professor, Adelaide Law School, and a Member of the Classification Review Board (Cth). She has published widely on matters affecting the regulation of the online environment, including copyright, freedom of expression, virtual worlds, social networking and contractual communities.


Marta Maurás
RightsTalk: Marta Maurás, member and Vice President of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child
Marta Maurás
Wednesday 12 June 2013

Marta and the National Children’s Commissioner, Megan Mitchell, will hold a discussion around Marta’s role and responsibilities as a member of the United Nations Committee on the Conventions of the Rights of the Child; ask her to reflect on the fourth periodic report of Australia in June 2012 and the concluding observations made by the Committee in 2012 as well as the impressions that she has formed on her current visit to Australia, focussing on areas of strength as well as areas requiring improvement.

David Marr
RightsTalk: Free speech and the press: not always allies
David Marr
Tuesday 4 June 2013

Join author and journalist, David Marr to  discuss News Ltd.’s strange campaign against bills and charters of rights; Andrew Bolt and the Racial Discrimination Act; and the recent kerfuffle over media law reform.


Jeremy Fernandez
RightsTalk: Jeremy Fernandez biography
Jeremy Fernandez
Thursday 30 May 2013

Jeremy Fernandez is a journalist and presenter with ABC News.

He joined the network’s Sydney bureau in 2009, after returning from London where he’d worked as a writer and business producer for CNN International.

Jeremy previously hosted the morning edition of ABC News on Australia Network, broadcast across the Asia-Pacific.

As a journalist and producer in Perth, Melbourne, and London, he’s anchored rolling news, interviews, and in-depth reports on a host of major stories, including the 2008 US election, Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the fall of Thaksin Shinawatra’s government in Thailand, the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Bali bombings.

Jeremy’s career sprang from humble beginnings as a voice-over artist with Channel 7 and producer for ABC Radio in the regional tourism and agricultural hub of Albany, Western Australia.

He speaks conversational Malay, and has earned degrees from Curtin University and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.